Win XP System Restore: Delete individual restore points

Overview[ edit ] In System Restore, the user may create a new restore point manually as opposed to the system creating one automatically , roll back to an existing restore point, or change the System Restore configuration. Moreover, the restore itself can be undone. Old restore points are discarded in order to keep the volume’s usage within the specified amount. For many users, this can provide restore points covering the past several weeks.
delete individual restore points windows 7

How to Delete Old System Restore Points in Windows

It’s not perfect, but it’s easy to use and one of many ways to back up your computer should problems arise. It’s always a good idea to spend a few minutes with System Restore, so it works right for your particular needs. Here’s how. Hard to fix Windows Problems? At the time this was written, System Restore isn’t so easy to find in the Control Panel of Windows Once you have it open, it’s mostly self-explanatory. If it isn’t, or you want it disabled, look below Protection Settings for the Configure button where it says “Configure restore settings, manage disk space, and delete restore points.

If you want to manage System Restore settings, we can also do that from here. Manage System Restore Click on the Configure button. Here you can see how much disk space System Restore is using.

You can allow more, or less, disk space to be used with the slider. System Restore could potentially use a lot of drive space, so we like to lower it to closer to 10 percent, especially with larger hard drives, but that’s up to you. By default, System Restore only goes back a month, and there’s no option to decide when it automatically creates or deletes restore points.

You can’t pick and choose from here as there is currently no way to delete individual restore points. Click on that, and you will be asked to name your restore point. Type in a name that identifies your problem so you’ll recognize it. Once you type in a name, press enter, and your restore point will be created immediately. It’s usually done within minutes, but Windows will notify you when your restore point has finished. Again, we’re sure you noticed at the top a button that says System Restore.

You’ll get a Window that tells you that you can restore your computer without losing photos, documents, or other personal data.

Click on Next, and you will see your Restore Points. If you created your own restore points, then you will see only those.

To see the restore points Windows created, click on Show more restore points. Click on the Restore Point you want to restore and click on Next. The next Window will give you a final chance to be sure you’ve selected the right point, that you’re aware that Windows will restart close all programs , and that if you changed your Windows password recently, you might want to create a password reset disk. Finally, click on Finish and wait while System Restore restores your computer and reboots.

There you have it. System Restore is simple to use, but if you’re new to it, we hope that helped. If you find yourself using System Restore frequently, or want more settings, we’d suggest you take a look at the freeware app, Restore Point Creator.

Delete System Restore Points in Windows 10

How to create temporary folder backups on Windows 10 Select the Turn on system protection option, and then allocate space that can be taken up by these restore points. Typically, MB is enough but to be on the safe side, you can allocate up to 1 GB of space if you have it. Set the space by dragging the Max Usage slider. Click Apply, and close the window. Create Restore Point Next, return to the System Properties window, and click the Create button at the bottom to create a system restore point for the selected disk. Give it a name, and the restore point will be created. The restore point takes only a few minutes to create.

VIDEO: Manually Creat Or Delete A System Restore Point In Windows 7

I need a way to delete all but my most recent restore points in Windows 7 to save space. Is there any way to automatically delete system restore. To delete a specific restore point, type the following command: vssadmin delete To delete all restore points in Windows 10, do the following. In this you can delete individual restore points. Screenshot: . to get Help, which gives a list of 7 commands. Then similarly get help with each.

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